Supervisory Committee Audits

Agreed-Upon Procedures

Small- or medium-sized credit unions might not be required to perform an audit of their financial statements.  For those who choose not to perform an audit, we can conduct a Supervisory Committee agreed-upon procedures engagement which fulfills NCUA Supervisory Committee and State of Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation requirements.


Credit unions are required by the NCUA to perform a verification of accounts at least biennially.  We can assist you in performing this verification as either part of an agreed-upon procedures or audit engagement or as a separate engagement.

We offer both sample verifications and 100% verifications.  Our verification procedures are performed in accordance with the Practitioners Publishing Company Guide to Audits of Financial Institutions.

Board and Committee Training

Not every financial institution director has a background in audit, accounting, or finance.  We can help directors to better understand the financial institution operations and accounting system so that they can better serve their customers and investors.  Our training sessions can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

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